About Greenberg Casework Company

Greenberg Casework Company is a small, family-owned business, based in Northern Illinois, that has been supplying custom cabinetry, casework and store fixtures to the business and building industries since 1985. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, quality workmanship, and keeping our customers’ needs first and foremost. 

A few years ago we entered the market for garage cabinets. We saw that the low-end cabinets just didn’t stand up and the high-end cabinets were expensive and had long lead times. We felt we could do better. We developed RedLine garagegear, a line of premium custom-built cabinets engineered specifically for the garage environment. We use computer-driven CNC technology to manfacture cabinets quickly and efficiently. We also developed our own in-house capabilites for powder coating wood, creating a quality, durable finish previously available only on metal. We were one of the first in the county to powder-coat wood, and still are one of the very few who can.

We have an in-house team of highly skilled employees who focus on each project from the time we take an order to the time it leaves our loading dock. We produce everything using state-of-the-art equipment and an old-fashioned work ethic to ensure everything we produce is  perfect and completed on time. 

Greenberg Casework Company

14328 Commercial Parkway

South Beloit, IL 61080


Products and services...

RedLine Garagegear -  Premium custom-designed and custom-built cabinets engineered specifically for the garage environment. Visit RedLine Garagegear for more information.

Garage Cabinets -  Affordable cabinets that are built to order and offer a  high-quality alternative to big-box store choices. Visit Garage Cabinets for more information.

RedLine ClosetSystems - Home storage and organization products for closets, homes and workshops. Visit Redline ClosetSystems for more information.

Greenberg Casework - custom casework for commercial construction, store fixtures and display. Visit Greenberg Custom Cabinets for more information.

GCC Coatings - Manufacture components and powder coated parts for OEM manufacturers and store fixtures. Visit GCC Coatings for more information.